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Stay Safe


Advice to Walkers & Climbers

We have partnered with Adventure Smart to summarise advice for enjoying the outdoors and describe some of the hot spots around North Wales. Click the link Wales | AdventureSmartUK for more information. 

Mobile Phones & Mountain Rescue

Advice to Users

There is no doubt that the use of mobile phones has saved lives in the British mountains. The sooner rescue teams are alerted to an incident; the better are the chances of a quick and complete recovery for the casualty. The information below is a guide to the appropriate use of a mobile phone.

When to use

  • if you or a member of your party sustains an injury warranting the assistance of a mountain rescue team

  • if you come across someone who has sustained an injury warranting the assistance of a mountain rescue team

  • if one of your party has become separated from the main party and you have made every effort to but have been unable to meet up again

  • if you want to report having seen or heard any internationally recognised distress calls

  • if you wish to notify someone of a change of plan (not a 999 call)

When not to use

  • Do not rely solely on the mobile phone as a safety device; our mountains are remote and mobile signal is often poor or out of range

How to use

First, make a note of all relevant details

  • Location preferably using a grid reference, although GPS coordinates or what3words will help

  • Name, sex and age of those who need assistance

  • Nature of incident

  • Number of people in the party and intended destination

  • The mobile phone number being used

  • Conserve battery: turn off WiFi and bluetooth, activate battery-saving mode, reduce screen brightness, and only activate location services and mobile data when required (e.g. when navigating or when mountain rescue teams request your location either using an app or when clicking on a location finding text message from mountain rescue)

  • Keep the phone warm and dry

Dial 999 and ask for the Police


  • Ensure you tell the operator that you require the North Wales Police.

  • When connected to the police control room, check that it is the North Wales Police. If it is not, then ensure the information will be passed on to them.

  • Explain the nature of the incident, giving the details you previously prepared.

  • Do not change your location until contacted by the relevant mountain rescue team - they will instruct your next movements.

  • If you have to make a further 999 call, repeat the procedure above.

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