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The umbrella organisation for search and rescue in North Wales was formed in May 1973.


We are a registered charity funded solely by voluntary contributions. Our nine member teams cover the entire North Wales region, one of the busiest regions in the UK.

Mountain rescue teams are called out through the police, via the 999 system, to assist the statutory services. NWMRA works in partnership with North Wales Police, the Welsh Ambulance Service, the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service to provide a volunteer-led 24/7 rescue service.

The teams are autonomous, but NWMRA coordinates the development of regional training, radio communications, and insurance and helps subsidise equipment costs, as well as wider coordination on larger incidents.

NWMRA helps to channel communications to teams, their members and the body for England & Wales - Mountain Rescue England and Wales. We also help coordinate between the teams to benefit everyone, learning from our shared experiences.

The teams are available 365 days a year in all weathers to help those in need.

NWMRA Text English V2.png
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